13th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

July 6-10, 2022
Volos, Greece

Contributed Talks (CFP 2022)

The slides of the presentations are available at the authors' permission.
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Konstantinos Kartas
Decidability of local fields and their extensions
Jürgen Landes
A Triple Uniqueness of the Maximum Entropy Approach (slides)
Manos Kamarianakis, Dimitra Chompitaki and Thanases Pheidas
Decidability of the theory of addition and the Frobenius map in fields of rational functions (slides)
Ivan Titov and Wolfgang Merkle
Total variants of Solovay reducibility and speedability (slides)
Nick Galatos and Peter Jipsen
Generalized bunched implication logic (slides)
Simone Picenni
Exact truthmaking and self-reference: a model for self-applicable exact truthmaking (slides)
Ioannis Eleftheriadis and Aristomenis-Dionysios Papadopoulos
NSOP in Classes of Graphs
Iosif Petrakis
Proof-relevance in Bishop-style constructive mathematics (slides)
Fabian Pregel
Frege's Concept of Completeness
Vladimir Stepanov
Dynamic Approximation of Self-Referential Sentences
Pawel Pawlowski and Elio La Rosa
8-valued non-deterministic semantics for modal logics (slides)
Katerina Petsi
The Foundations of Arithmetic: Peano vs Dedekind (slides)
Philippos Papayannopoulos
Some Philosophical Remarks on the Current Definitions of Algorithms (slides)
Evan Iatrou
Non-monotonic rule-based logical programming for modelling legal reasoning the example of Answer Set Programming (ASP)
Antonis Kakas
Argumentation: Reasoning Universalis (slides)
Edoardo Rivello
The largest intrinsic disquotational definition of truth
Elli Anastasiadi, Antonis Achilleos, Adrian Francalanza and Jasmine Xuereb
Epistemic logic for verifying runtime verification communication protocols (slides)

Contributed Talks (CFP 2021)

Theofanis Aravanis and Pavlos Peppas.
Types of Rational Horn Revision Operators.
Theofanis Aravanis.
Properties of Parametrized-Difference.
Riccardo Bruni and Lorenzo Rossi.
Truth meets Vagueness.
Matteo de Ceglie.
The V-logic Multiverse and MAXIMIZE. (video)
Dimitra Chompitaki, Manos Kamarianakis, and Thanases Pheidas.
Decidability of the Theory of Addition and the Frobenius Map in Certain Rings of Rational Functions. (video)
Bruno Dinis and Bruno Jacinto.
A Nonstandard View on Vagueness.
Konstantinos Kartas.
Decidability of Local Fields and Their Extensions.
Jürgen Landes.
A Triple Uniqueness of the Maximum Entropy Approach.
Ivo Pezlar.
The Placeholder View of Assumptions and the Curry-Howard Correspondence.
Ivan Titov and Wolfgang Merkle.
A Total Solovay Reducibility and Totalizing of the Notion of Speedability.
Jon Williamson.
Determining Maximal Entropy Functions for Objective Bayesian Inductive Logic.