13th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

July 6-10, 2022
Volos, Greece

Local Grants

Some resources from our sponsors, the European Mathematical Society and Foundation Compositio Mathematica, can (partially) cover local expenses (accommodation and other local costs) of Phd and Master students, postdocs, young researchers, or other participants who cannot afford attending the event otherwise.

Interested applicants can apply to us by sending a letter of application to , and asking their thesis supervisor to send us a brief recommendation letter to the same address. The deadline for this is April 6, 2022.

Preference will be given to researchers who submitted a paper.

Student Grants — ASL

Student members of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) may apply for travel grants to PLS 13 as an ASL-sponsored meeting. To be considered for a travel award, you should:

  1. send a letter of application,
  2. ask your thesis supervisor to send a brief recommendation letter.
The application letter should be brief (preferably one page) and should include:
  1. your name
  2. your home institution
  3. your thesis supervisor's name
  4. a one-paragraph description of your studies and work in logic
  5. a paragraph indicating why it is important to attend the meeting
  6. your estimate of the travel expenses you will incur
  7. (for citizens or residents of the USA) citizenship or visa status
  8. (optional) indication of your gender and minority status
Women and members of minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.
Application by email is strongly encouraged; put "ASL travel application" in the subject line of your message.

In order to be considered for such a grant you must be an ASL member. Applications and recommendations must be received at least three months prior to the start of the meeting (i.e., April 6, 2022) at the ASL Business Office:

ASL, Department of Mathematics, University of Connecticut
Decisions will be communicated at least two months prior to the meeting.
Further info: https://aslonline.org/student-travel-awards/