12th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

June 26-30, 2019
Anogeia, Crete, Greece


The 12th Panhellenic Logic Symposium will take place at the conference center of Anogeia in Crete.


On Tuesday June 25, there will be a conference-organised bus that will take participants from Heraklion to Anogeia. This bus will depart from Heraklion airport, then make a stop to pick-up more people from the city center (Eleftherias square) and then head to Anogeia. The exact itinerary of the bus will be as follows:

15.40: Departure from Heraklion airport
The meeting point is inside the arrivals hall. More specifically, once you have picked-up your luggage and you have exited the arrivals door which is right next to luggage belts 3-4 (not the door next to the other luggage belts), one of the organizers will be waiting for you there, inside the arrivals building.
16.00: Departure from the city center (Eleftherias square)
The meeting point is at 16.00 sharp at the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, right next to Eleftherias square. The statue is located right across the square, in the middle of an area overlooking the harbor of Heraklion. One of the organizers will be at the statue in order to gather people for the bus. It is very important that you are at the statue at 16.00 sharp, since this is a quite busy spot of the city center and the bus that will be coming from the airport will have limited time and space for making a stop in order to pick-up participants.

A similar bus will depart from Anogeia right after the conference ends on the 30th and will take participants to Heraklion. Details on exact times, routes and pick-up places will be announced at the conference, as the time approaches.

For those participants whose travel arrangements do not fit the schedule of the aforementioned bus, we can suggest alternatives for commuting. For example, it might be possible to transport a few people with one of the organisers' private cars.

Alternatively, there is always public transportation (bus) that connects Heraklion with Anogeia (both ways), and here are the timetables of the public buses. Please note that you should search for "IRAKLIO" (not "Heraklion") and "ANOGIA" (not "Anogeia"). Moreover, note that timetables are subject to change, with more routes probably being added as we are entering the summer period. So, one should keep an eye on this and check the website with the timetables again, when we are close to the conference dates.

Photos from Anogeia