12th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

June 26-30, 2019
Anogeia, Crete, Greece


Participants will be asked to pay a registration fee. The fee can be paid in cash at the reception, upon receiving the badge and the other materials of the symposium. This is the preferred method of payment. Alternative ways of payment will be announced in due time.

The registration fee covers:

  • Symposium attendance
  • Symposium proceedings
  • Coffee breaks and joint lunches (2) that will be offered at the Anogeia center
  • Breakfast on the meeting days (5) offered at the Anogeia center
  • Excursion, including dinner
  • Conference dinner
  • Transportation to and from Heraklion's airport with a scheduled bus on the 25th and the 30th of June (details will be announced in due time)

For early registration (and accommodation arrangement), please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Registration fees

  • Normal registration fee (for participants who will reclaim it from professional/academic sources): 150€
  • Normal student registration fee (for students who will reclaim it from professional/academic sources): 100€
  • Reduced registration fee (for participants who will cover it from own sources): 75€
  • Reduced student registration fee (for students and also for unemployed): 35€

Student or unemployed participants are expected to provide proof of studentship or unemployment upon registration.


All accommodation arrangements and reservations will be handled entirely by the organisers due to low availability in rooms at Anogeia. Participants will have to share a room (typically 3 per room). The hotel bills and all financial matters relating to accommodation will be directly arranged by the participants and the hotel-owners during the days of the Symposium.

So, if you plan to participate, please copy the following form, complete it and mail it to before May 10. This is the date the organisers and the local hotel owners will agree upon all accommodation arrangements and allocations of participants into rooms. Hence, please keep in mind that, if you notify us after that date, then it is likely that you will have to be accommodated outside of Anogeia.

Registration & accommodation form

Please, send by e-mail to before May 10.



Date of arrival:

Time of arrival & flight number (if available):

Date of departure:

Time of departure & flight number (if available):

1. Are you presenting a paper in the Conference? Y N

2. Effort is being made to ensure a small number of beds-rooms for
   participants without funding and with special needs.
   So please indicate whether you consider yourself as belonging to any
   of the following categories.  If you reply YES to any of the following
   (a) or (b), please send, together with this form, a short CV.

   a. Graduate student without funding and with significant financial
      difficulty to afford attending the Conference. Y N

   b. Unemployed researcher without funding and/or financial difficulty
      to afford attending the Conference.  Y N

3. Are you bringing family or friends?  Y N
   If yes, how many (not counting yourself):

4. Do you wish to be accommodated together with some specific other
   participants?  If yes, please give their names:

5. Gender: M F

6. Please denote your first choice between the following two options
   (we will try to observe it as far as possible):

   There are two ranges of prices of accommodation:

   I.  Hotel  DELINA
       [1.5 kilometres away from Conference Centre, high class facilities,
       swimming pool etc.]
       prices:  2-bed room: 57 Euros (28.5 Euros per person per night)
                3-bed room: 72 Euros (24 Euros per person per night)

   II. Various hotels and rooms, very close to the Conference Centre
       prices: no more than 18 Euros per person per night

7. Dietary needs (if any):

8. Other comments:

Notes for accommodation

The organisers will try to:

A. Guarantee proper accommodation to families.
B. Try to accommodate groups that have declared they want to stay together,
   according to expressed wishes.
C. Match same-gender participants not in A or Β, trying to observe the
   expressed wishes.

To secure communication, a verification of acceptance of this form will
be sent to you by May 25. In case you do not receive it please notify us.